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Are you hearing that internal nudge that you were meant for something more? That something in your life doesn't quite seem in alignment, but you aren't sure what to do or where to start? Yup, I've been there too. And I want to help. As a Confidence and Mindset Coach, I'm a relentless and fierce cheerleader for women like you who have big dreams. I have A TON of energy that’s inspirational and aspirational, and whether working 1:1 with me in a coaching container, or hanging with my crew each week on my podcast - I'm here to deliver the news that you, too, can be Wicked Fearless. 

I'm like the older sister you never had, the one who's always got your back. I'm very real about who I am and where I've been. And by sharing my experiences openly, I'm able to offer a vulnerability that helps women all over the world feel seen and understood. 

As a Division 1 athlete and a master instructor at Soul Cycle, trust me, I know what it takes to achieve success. I also know that success can feel empty when it’s not aligned with purpose and desire. That’s why I offer the Wicked Fearless coaching container for women who are ready to identify and embody their purpose, set the stage, and step into the lives they were meant for. 




How did my journey begin as a Master Soul Cycle Instructor to Confidence and Mindset Coach? Well, I started as an Assistant Manager at the SoulCycle West Hollywood location and went on to open the West Coast HQ in Culver City. When I was working in the studios, I was riding all the time with everyone I possibly could. I eventually became somewhat of a “Podium Pony” for some Senior and Master instructors at the time.

This is when the instructor teaches and inspires from the floor, while I was up on the podium demo’ing the class. I loved doing this which ultimately led to me auditioning to teach.

It was never my initial thought going into the job, but when I eventually auditioned and was granted a spot in the SoulCycle training program the Summer of 2016, everything started to take off. I moved to NYC for our training program and then eventually was placed back in Boston. 



That was the very beginning…

Since then, I’ve been riding every day, growing SoulCycle in Boston and it's truly one of the greatest joys of my life. But it was through cycling that I found out I could impact the lives of my students beyond the bike. Positive vibes, pumping the jams, moving the body - these are all critical to living a bad ass life. But I wanted to dive deeper, into helping women find what lights them up, what sets their soul on fire, and being relentless in pursuing their passions, no matter the obstacles. Soul Cycle was my beginning, and it continues to play a huge part of my life. But coaching is now my obsession, working with individual souls to find their path on this lifetime, and own the hell out of it. Let's do this!



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Looking to find more confidence? Navigating life through massive changes and shake-ups? Chasing down lofty goals and wild dreams? Me too! Wicked Fearless is the personal cheerleader - hype girl in your back pocket, that you never knew you needed. Confidence coach and founder of Wicked Fearless, I will be dishing some of my best motivation in quickie episodes, as well as bringing on friends, colleagues, and mentors who will inspire you to be the best version of you. The perfect blend of mindful fitness, life advice, business tactics, and spiritual guidance - this podcast will help you to create the life you crave and show you what it's like to start living a joyful, loving, and above all else FEARLESS, life. Dive in below!

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