A glimpse into my life before the podium ever even existed, NOW, and all the places I hope to go with YOU, far into the future! Wicked Fearless is about inspiring each other to live our most joyful, loving, and fearless lives everyday.

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The podcast is one of my ultimate soul babies and I hope you find inspiration and motivation from listening. On the show, we don't just talk about fitness, or mindset, or wellness. We cover it all. And it's a shit ton. We get real with how people get started on their journey, how they are getting where they are going next, and all the trials and tribulations along the way. It's motivational and inspirational, with tactical take-aways, tips, and tricks  that YOU can implement in your own life. Cheers to a better mindset. A new take on wellbeing. And getting to the next level of your self-evolution.

What we talk about...

What it's all about!

When I'm not dropping solo episodes, because there is a lot to talk about, I've got a huge diversity of amazing guests, all with varied backgrounds in the space of wellness, fitness, mindset, self-improvement, and personal development. I love that everyone is super relatable and offering gems for your own life. It's hilarious and low-key (we ditch the formality!), and we can't wait to have you listen in!

Who do I chat with?

Want to come on the show and chat with me, while sharing your story with the Wicked Fearless community? You can drop me a line via the website, or shoot me an email. I love love talking to new people. And I really love having other souls share their why for life, and what has lit a fire underneath them to create the reality they want to live in. Hope to see you on the audio waves!

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